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Choosing an agent who is part of The Travel Agent Next Door means you are 100% guaranteed that your professional travel consultant is well travelled as well as educated on a huge number of travel styles, options and experiences.  When an agent choosing to be a part of The Travel Agent Next Door network, they are connected with the best brands, hotel chains, airlines, cruise companies, touring companies and MORE™.  Each travel professional associated with The Travel Agent Next Door is incredibly passionate about travel and providing you with the holiday of a lifetime that will fit your needs and budget.  Make the right choice and book with us today.

Diane Theron

Diane Theron

PHEW, life can be tough in our host countries - missing home and struggling to afford reunions, never mind holidays.

I know the struggle, I live it! If I can help support a fellow Saffa, I will.

As part of the TTAND umbrella, I share resources with hundreds of other agents, if I am clueless, one of them will have the T-shirt..

I charge no extra fee on flights I help with, on condition that you insure your travel through me. Yes, I earn a commission, but from harsh experience, I am a firm believer in travel insurance. On a visit from SA to Canada 20 odd years ago, I experienced an etopic pregnancy. Young, healthy.. my hospitalization and surgery cost $26 000 - converted into SA Rands, was same price as my 3 bedroom townhouse.

Manulife is our preferred underwriter, as a group, we have a strong relationship and as up to now, my clients have not had issues with claims being honoured. That being said, there is always requirements to prove claim but is not a forest of trees, and can avoid a lifetime of financial hardship.

Call me, text me, email me.. let us see how we can find a vacation within your budget. I am more than happy to try match a quote, or find affordable routes and destinations..

warm regards ~ Di.

Diane Theron

Diane Theron

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