About Diane Theron 

Hi! I am a jack of all trades with a passion for fixing things. Anything.. a broken lamp, a broken heart, an out of work actor. You name it, I have fixed, or made things worse. Nothing in between. 

As a professional travel advisor - In Ontario, Canada, we are required by law to be licensed by TICO to do travel,  I am happiest when I book my people in affordable, awesome vacation retreats, or the best routes at the best prices because all of us need a break, not just the rich and famous. My clients all know that although I happily search for the gems of cost effectiveness, my one immovable condition to doing business, is travel insurance. 

Yes, you do get what you pay for, but sometimes chain store jeans look as good as designer ones right?  But travel insurance falls out of that equation. I sleep easier knowing that my clients will not be forced into bankruptcy because of a heart attack in a foreign country. end of THAT discussion!

I recently crept under the wing of one of my colleagues, Coreen at THE TRAVEL NEXT DOOR, and am now officially aligned under her agency. Please feel free to visit our joint website, be sure to visit the

"Look and Book" option..

this allows you to find activities in a city right across the world and easy booking that is often cheaper than if done at the spot, and prevents those horrid line ups. Also, all inclusive vacations, flights, hotels.. everything you need in one spot. Let me know please if you use the site and feedback is always welcome! 

I am a phone call away.

With love always,

Diane Theron

Tel: 1-647-549-4402